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Omaha scrapbook Q & A – Answers to commonly asked questions.

QUESTION: What is a video scrapbook?

ANSWER: A video scrapbook is a collection of pictures and video that is shown on a television, computer screen, or projection screen for the purpose of telling a story. These video scrapbooks are centered on a theme.

QUESTION: What is a meant by a scrapbook "theme"?

ANSWER: It is rare to put a scrapbook together with random pictures of everything you've ever taken a picture of and quite frankly, it wouldn't make much sense to do that. So, the theme is the reason for putting the scrapbook together in the first place. It could be a photomontage of your birthday celebration or of the day you were married. For more information about themes visit the article section of this website.

QUESTION: What format do the pictures I give you need to be in?

ANSWER: They can either be the actual printed pictures, pictures that have been saved on a disc or pictures can also be emailed.

QUESTION: If I bring or send you the actual pictures how are they handled?

ANSWER: Actual photographs (not on a disc) are scanned into our computer at no extra cost to you. Once scanned each picture is cropped and enhanced for color and clarity.

QUESTION: I am or will not be in your area. Can I send you our pictures?

ANSWER: Yes as long as you send them certified mail. We cannot be responsible for irreplaceable pictures that are lost or damaged in the mail. All mail shipments must be sent certified and insured. We will return them back to you in the same fashion. If mailing actual photos please package them well and be sure to insure them.

QUESTION: How long should a video scrapbook be?

ANSWER: If you are planning to show your scrapbook to a group of people at one time it should be no longer than 15 minutes. However if your scrapbook is for personal use or something that will be looped and played over and over again at an event the length is not an issue.

QUESTION: Why can't I just do my own scrapbook? After all, my computer has a program.

ANSWER: You'll find hiring an outside source is worth the money. We have programs specifically designed for photo and video montages. For the do-it-yourselfers scrapbooks can be time consuming and can often lead to frustration if you don't know what you are doing.

QUESTION: What is your average production time?

ANSWER: This will vary depending on the amount of photos, the length of the scrapbook, and if moving video is incorporated. We prefer to have the pictures at least 3-4 weeks before your event. However, some projects can be provided in shorter amounts of time. Please call for exact quotes.

QUESTION: Where are you located and how do we contact you?

ANSWER: We are located in Omaha, Nebraska. For more information see our "contact us" page on this website.

QUESTION: We already have a scrapbook made but we don't have the equipment to show it at our event. Do you rent that equipment?

ANSWER: Yes, see our rentals page.

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