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scrapbook articles Best Time To Show Your Scrapbook Video at the Reception

Best Time To Show Your Scrapbook Video at the Reception

Author: Steve Bergeron

Late one afternoon I was in my office meeting with a couple that could not agree upon the best time to show their scrapbook video during their wedding reception. The groom was adamant about having the video played while the dinner was being served and the bride was adamant about having it played later after the cake had been cut.

For ten minutes I sat quietly listening without opinion as they bantered back and forth. Inevitably they both looked at me and asked me for my opinion. The fact is that deciding when to show a scrapbook video during the reception is a challenge many couples face. In addition many couples go into this decision blind not knowing really what needs to be considered.

In another article available on this site titled “Ways to show your scrapbook video” I covered when showing scrapbooks is appropriate and the two most common ways of showing them. For the purpose of this article I will assume that you are planning on showing your scrapbook video to all of your guests as a group during the reception. When doing this the most critical element to consider is the timing issue. Choosing the right time can make a big difference as to whether your video will have any impact.

So when is the best time?

There is an optimum time to show the scrapbook but it ultimately depends on the agenda for the evening. For instance, if you were cutting your cake immediately upon entering the reception facility you probably would not want to show the video after the cake. Or, if you were planning on having a buffet style dinner I would not recommend showing a scrapbook during that time either. In both of these situations you will have people mingling, getting drinks, still arriving and looking for places to sit.

The point I am making here is that you want to show your scrapbook video during a time when the guests are settled in to ensure its greatest impact. It is important to note that these times during a reception don’t last long and will only happen once or twice during a typical reception. You will find that these windows of opportunity will happen during, close to, or directly after dinner. It is during these times when showing the video scrapbook would have its greatest impact.

    The following are four examples of these times:
  1. During a sit down dinner when everyone is in their seats. The optimal time to start the video is once the last person has been served the main entree. Think of it as dinner theatre.

  2. Once the last person has gone through the buffet line. This is a time when everyone is at the tables having dinner. Also, because you waited until the last person was through the buffet you won’t have a line of people waiting to eat as a video is being played.

  3. If you are planning on having the toast after dinner is served (whether sit down or buffet) this will present another opportunity. The video can be shown either directly before or directly after the toast.

  4. If you plan to cut your cake sometime after dinner you will have another opportunity to show your video. As you know, wedding guests love cake. After the wedding couple has performed the traditional cake cutting there is usually a lag time before cake can be served. Once the Bride and Groom have left the cake someone at that time will start cutting the cake and preparing it for serving. This process usually takes about ten minutes, which provides a great time to show the video.

These are just four examples of when a video can be shown to have the greatest impact. There may be a few more but these are the most common that I have personally experienced over the years.

My advice is to have a plan going in. As I said, these small windows of opportunity to show a scrapbook are few and far between. With exception of the dinner most of the evening will consist of guests mingling, standing at the bar, congregating outside to smoke, using the restroom, or just talking in small groups. Know your agenda and make sure your DJ/MC knows it as well. It is critical that enthusiastic announcements to gain the attention of the guests are made before the video is shown and don’t forget that timing is everything.

Good luck and God Bless,
Steve Bergeron

About the author:

Steve Bergeron has been a Mobile DJ in Omaha Nebraska since 1987. He makes his living as the owner of one of the largest Mobile DJ Companies in the Midwest.
In his spare time Steve is also a certified Dale Carnegie Leadership Training instructor.
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