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scrapbook articles What to do with your scrapbook video?

What to do with your scrapbook video?

Author: Steve Bergeron

So you have spent the money to have a professional produce a video scrapbook that highlights the pictures of you and fiancй growing up and eventually coming together. Or maybe instead of hiring a professional you have put a scrapbook together yourself. Either way, you have your final product and are just not sure what to do with it. Do you have it for your own personal use? Do you give it to friends and family? Do you show it to everyone at the reception? These are just a few common questions you may have and this article is all about answering those questions.

Video scrapbooks have become more popular that ever. They are very personal, sentimental, and provide on of the best ways to reflect on how we have gotten to where we are. Where, when, and who to show this scrapbook to is a decision you will eventually have to make. It might be that you decide to just have it for yourselves as a personal and private piece of memories. Or, it may be that you decide to show it to others. If you decide the latter the question then becomes how and when.

I will assume for the sake of this article that you will be sharing your video scrapbook with others. There are many avenues to take to accomplish this depending on what you’ve decided. For instance if you want only your closest friends and family to see the video then you may opt to show it during the rehearsal dinner. Or you may want to share it as a gift to certain people to watch at their convenience.

    The following is are four examples of what to do with your scrapbook video:
  • 1. Keep it as a personal keepsake only to be watched by you and your fiance.
  • 2. Give it out as a gift to those select people whom are closest to you.
  • 3. Show it during the rehearsal dinner.
  • 4. Show it during the reception (see “Best Time To Show Your Scrapbook Video at the Reception”) article.

I am quite positive that there are other things you can do with your video scrapbook but the above are just examples.

Before this article ends there is one more thing that I would like to point out. That is, showing your video during the rehearsal dinner or reception can take two different forms. You may choose to show it as centerpiece of the event or as a background piece.

    The difference between the two is as follows:
  • As a Centerpiece – The video is show to the group as a whole. Everyone watches at the same time while all other activities stop for the time being.
  • As a Background Piece - The video is shown in a loop format throughout the event on a television or video screen that is set off to the side. Guests can watch the video at their leisure.

I am confident that this article has answered some question you may have had when it comes to “what to do with your scrapbook video”. Whatever avenue you drive down I want to sincerely wish you the best.
Good luck and God Bless,
Steve Bergeron

About the author:

Steve Bergeron has been a Mobile DJ in Omaha Nebraska since 1987. He makes his living as the owner of one of the largest Mobile DJ Companies in the Midwest.
In his spare time Steve is also a certified Dale Carnegie Leadership Training instructor.
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